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Acoustic Guitar Under-SaddleB-Band A1.2-29R Under-saddle 1/8" Guitar Pickup w/Preamp, Wide. UST 22R Narrow Pickup (2.2mm, 3/32"),A1.2 Active Endpin Jack Preamp, soundhole mounted volume control, box-tight 9V battery holder,n/aUnder-saddlen/a175
Acoustic Guitar Under-SaddleSeymour Duncan Wavelength Duo Steel String Acoustic Guitar under-saddle transducer and omni-directional condenser mic with a high-headroom preamp and 9V battery compartmentn/aUnder-saddlen/a299
Bass, Jazz Bass, 4 string Hot Stack BRIDGESeymour Duncan STK-J2b Hot Stack for Jazz Bass 11403-04blackB139.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 4 string, bridge, blackSeymour Duncan Apollo J-Bass 4 Str Bridge Black 11403-06blackBn/a149.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 4 string, bridge, blackSeymour Duncan Antiquity Jazz Bass Bridge, Black, AJBB 11044-02 , 8.7K ALNICO 2blackB8.7k alnico 2169.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 4 string, bridge, blackSeymour Duncan Antiquity II jazz bass bridge Black A2JBB 11044-06blackB169.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 4 string, neck, blackSeymour Duncan Apollo J-Bass 4 Str Neck Black 11403-05blackNn/a149.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 5 String SET, blackSeymour Duncan 5-String Quarter Pound Pickup SET for Jazz Bass, Black, Neck & Bridge, SJ5-3S 11402-55 , 16K ALNICO 5blackSET n+b16k alnico 5219.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 5 String SET, blackSeymour Duncan Basslines 5-String Quarter Pound Pickup SET for Jazz Bass, Black, Neck & Bridge, SJ5-3S 11402-55 , 16K ALNICO 5blackSET n+b16k alnico 5179
Bass, Jazz Bass, 5 String SET, blackSeymour Duncan SJ5S 67/70 Jazz Bazz SET 5-string 11402-42 blackSET n+bn/a224.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 5 String SET, blackBartolini J-Bass 5-String Classic Single Coil, Low Noise, Deep Tone, Strong Lows and Low Mids, 59CBJS-L1/S1, Neck 8.3K, Bridge 9.7K CeramicBlackSET n+bNeck 8.3K, Bridge 9.7K Ceramic289.99
Bass, Jazz Bass, 5 String SET, blackBartolini J-Bass 5-String Classic Single Coil, Low Noise, 59CBJS-L3/S3, Neck 6.5K, Bridge 9.7K CeramicBlackSET n+bNeck 6.5K, Bridge 9.7K Ceramic289.99
Bass, P-Bass, 4 string, blackSeymour Duncan SCPB-3 Quarter Pound Single Coil P-Bass Passive 11402-08 11K Alnico 5blackP-Bass11K Alnico 5109.99
Bass, Soapbar Candybar SET BlackBartolini X44CBJS B1/T1 Bass Soapbar SET, Candybar shaped SET Neck + Bridge, 7.4K Neck, 8.4K Bridge CeramicblackSET n+bNeck + Bridge, 7.4K Neck, 8.4K Bridge Ceramic269.99
Humbucker SET blackSeymour Duncan Slash Signature Alnico II Pro Humbucker SET of Neck and Bridge Black, APH-2s 11104-08-B, 8.9K ALNICO 2blackSET n+b8.9K Alnico 2319
Humbucker SET blackSeymour Duncan 59 Vintage Blues SET SH1-SET 11108-05-B 8.2K ALNICO 5BlackSET n+b8.2K Alnico 5219
Humbucker SET blackSeymour Duncan Hot Rodded JB/Jazz Humbucker SET of Neck and Bridge, Black, SH2N & SH4 Matched Black 11108-13-b, 16.6K ALNICO 5blackSET n+b16.6K Alnico 5219
Humbucker SET nickelseymour duncan Pearly Gates Set Nickel 11108-49-C SH-PG1 8.1KnickelSET n+b8.21K Alnico 5369.99
Humbucker, Active, bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan Blackouts Bridge Active Humbuckers, AHB-1b, Black Chrome, 11106-31-B, 0K CERAMICBlackB0K Ceramic169
Humbucker, Active, 7-string, SET, blackSeymour Duncan Mick Thomson /EMTY 7 string Blackouts, Active Humbucker SET Phase II Neck and Bridge, passive mount, black soapbar cover AHB-3s-7PMT, 11106-58-B, 0K CeramicBlackSET n+b0K Ceramic299
Humbucker, Active, bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan Blackouts Bridge Active Humbuckers, AHB-1b, Black Chrome, 11106-31-BCHRc, 0K CERAMICBlack CHromeB0K Ceramic169
Humbucker, Black, 8-stringSeymour Duncan 8 string Distortion Humbucker Neck, Black 11102-25-P-Blk-8Str 22.1K CeramicBlackN22.1K Ceramic214.99
Humbucker, Bridge ,BlackSeymour Duncan 59 Model Humbucker Bridge Black SH-1b 11101-05-B , 8.2K ALNICO 5BlackB8.2K Alnico 5124.99
Humbucker, Bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker BRIDGE black SH-PG1b 11102-49-B 8.1K Alnico 2BlackB8.1K Alnico 2169.99
Humbucker, Bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan JB model Humbucker Bridge Black SH-4 11102-13-B , 16.6K ALNICO 5BlackB16.6K Alnico 5124.99
Humbucker, Bridge, blackSeymour Duncan Nazgul Bridge BLACK 11102-96-B 13.6K CeramicBlackB13.6K Ceramic149.99
Humbucker, bridge, blackSeymour Duncan Black Winter HB Bridge Black 11102-91-b 16.6K CeramicBlackB16.6K Ceramic139
Humbucker, bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan Slash Signature Alnico II Pro Humbucker Bridge Black, APH-2b 11104-07-B, 8.9K ALNICO 2BlackB8.9K Alnico 2159
Humbucker, Bridge, blackDiMarzio Cruch Lab Humbucker BLACK Bridge DP228BK 11.3K CeramicBlackB11.3K Ceramic114.99
Humbucker, Bridge, black/chromeBasone Humbucker pickup, BRIDGE, Chrome/Black, 7-8K sku: BASONE-HUMBUCKER-CHR/BLKBlack / ChromeB7-8k50
Humbucker, bridge, chromeLollar Imperial Humbucker Bridge Chrome 4-conductor 10-411-121-12, 7.9KChromeB7.9K239
Humbucker, Bridge, Gold coverSeymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker BRIDGE Gold Cover SH-PG1b 11102-49-GC 8.1 Alnico 2GoldB8.1K Alnico 2199.99
Humbucker, Bridge, Gold coverSeymour Duncan Slash Alnico II Pro Humbucker Neck Gold, APH-2b 11104-07-GCGoldB8.3K Alnico 2199
Humbucker, Bridge, NickelSeymour Duncan SH-6 Duncan Custom Nickel Cover 11102-17-NC 14.1K CeramicNickelB14.1K Ceramic149.99
Humbucker, Bridge, Nickel CoverSeymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker, Nickel cover, Bridge, 11101-21-Nc SH-55b, 8.3K ALNICO 2NickelB8.3K Alnico 2185
Humbucker, Bridge, WhiteSeymour Duncan 59 Model Humbucker Bridge White SH-1bWH 11101-05-W , 8.2K ALNICO 5WhiteB8.2K Alnico 5124.99
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Bridge, BlackDiMarzio X2N Humbucker, F-Spaced, Black, Magnet: Ceramic, Resistance 15.83 KohmblackB15.83k114.99
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan JB Model Trembucker (F-spaced versionof the JB Model) Black TB-4 11103-13-B , 17.4K ALNICO 5BlackB17.4K Alnico 5119
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Bridge, BlackDiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucker F-Spaced, Bridge, Black, DP100FBK, 13.68K CeramicBlackB13.68K Ceramic114.99
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Bridge, Nickel CoverSeymour Duncan Custom Trembucker (F-Spaced version of the Humbucker), Nickel Cover TB-5 11103-17-Nc , 14.8K CeramicNickelB14.8K Ceramic149.99
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Bridge, WhiteSeymour Duncan JB [Jeff Beck] Model Trembucker (F-spaced versionof the JB Model) White TB-4 11103-13-W , 17.4K ALNICO 5WhiteB17.4K Alnico 5119
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Neck, BlackDimarzio DP156FBK F-Spaced Humbucker from Hell Black 5.89 K Alnico 5BlackN5.89 K Alnico 5114.99
Humbucker, F-Spaced, Neck, Nickel CoverSeymour Duncan JB Model Trembucker (F-spaced versionof the JB Model) Nickel Cover TB-4NC 11103-13-NC , 17.4K ALNICO 5NickelN17.4K Alnico 5139
Humbucker, Mini size, bridge, chromeSeymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbuckers, Chrome, Bridge, No Logo, 11820-26 SM1B-NL, 7.4K ALNICO 5ChromeB7.4K Alnico 5169
Humbucker, mini, BRIDGE, chromeLollar Mini Ring Mount Humbucker Bridge Chrome 4-Conductor 10-407-223-2 6.6KChromeB6.6K239
Humbucker, mini, NECK, ChromeLollar Mini Ring Mount Humbucker Neck Chrome 4-Conductor 10-407-221-2 6.6KChromeN6.6K239
Humbucker, N or B, BlackDimarzio Air Norton Black, Alnico 5, Resistance 12.58 KohmblackN or B12.58k99.99
Humbucker, Neck, BlackSeymour Duncan Invader Humbucker Neck, Black, SH-8n 11102-29-B , 7.5K CERAMICBlackN7.5K Ceramic149.99
Humbucker, Neck, BlackSeymour Duncan Jazz Model humbucker Neck Black SH-2n 11102-01-B 7.5K ALNICO 5BlackN7.5K Alnico 5119
Humbucker, Neck, BlackSeymour Duncan Black Winter Neck Black 11102-90-B, 13K CeramicBlackN13K Ceramic149.99
Humbucker, Neck, black/chromeBasone Humbucker pickup, NECK, Chrome/Black, 7-8K sku: BASONE-HUMBUCKER-CHR/BLKBlack / ChromeN7-8K50
Humbucker, neck, chromeLollar Imperial Humbucker Neck Chrome 4-conductor 10-411-121-12, 7KChromeN7K239
Humbucker, Neck, GoldSeymour Duncan Slash Alnico II Pro Humbucker Bridge Gold, APH-2n 11104-06-GC 8.3K Alnico 2GoldN8.3K Alnico 2189
Humbucker, Neck, ZebraSeymour Duncan SH-PG1n Pearly Gates Zebra 11102-45-Z 7.3K Alnico 2ZebraN7.3K Alnico 2194.99
Humbucker, Neck, ZebraSeymour Duncan 59 Model Humbucker Neck Zebra SH-1N 11101-01-Z, 7.6K ALNICO 5ZebraN7.6K Alnico 5124.99
Humbucker, Neck, ZebraSeymour Duncan Distortion Humbucker Neck Zebra, SH-6n 11102-25-Z, 13K CERAMICZebraN13K Ceramic124.99
Humbucker, Strat Tone, Bridge, ZebraSeymour Duncan Stag Mag Humbucker, Bridge, Zebra, Humb for STRAT TONES, SH-3 11102-09-Z, 16.6K ALNICO 2ZebraB16.6K Alnico 5124.99
Humbucker-size P90 Soapbar, Neck, CHROMESeymour Duncan Phat Cat Humbucker, Nickel, Neck, 11302-15-NC SPH90-1N. 8K ALNICO 2ChromeN8K Alnico 2139
Jazzmaster Vintage, bridgeSeymour Duncan Jazzmaster Antiquity, vintage black, A2JMB 11034-36 8.4K Alnico 2vint blackB8.4K Ceramic189.99
Lipstick Tube Danelectro, bridge, ChromeSeymour Duncan Lipstick Tube Danelectro Bridge , Chrome finish SLD-1B 11302-21 3.7K Alnico 5ChromeB3.7K Alnico 5139.99
Lipstick Tube Danelectro, Neck, ChromeSeymour Duncan Lipstick Tube Danelectro Neck, Chrome finish SLD-1N 11302-20 3.7K Alnico 5ChromeN3.7K Alnico 5139.99
P90 Dog Ear, N or B, single coil, BlkBasone Dog Ear P90 pickup, Black , 8-9K Sku: BASONE-P90-DOG-EAR-BLKBlackN or B8-9K40
P90 Soapbar, BRIDGE,blackReilander P90 Classic Alnico 2 BRIDGE, black 8.5K Alnico 2, handcrafted in Canada Sku: RP90C-SBCS-BRIDGEBlackBAlnico 2100
P90 Soapbar, neck, creamLollar P-90 Soapbar, Neck, Cream 10-301-1111 8.2K Alnico 5CreamN8.2K Alnico 5149
P90 Soapbar, Bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan P90 Soapbar Stack Black BRIDGE STK-P1b 31.6K Alnico 5BlackB31.6K Alnico 5184.99
P90 Soapbar, Bridge, CreamSeymour Duncan P90 Soapbar Stack Cream BRIDGE STK-P1b 31.6K Alnico 5CreamB31.6K Alnico 5184.99
P90 Soapbar, Bridge, CreamSeymour Duncan Vintage P90 Soapbar Cream BRIDGE SP90-1b 11301-06-crc 9.7K Alnico 5CreamB149.99
P90 Soapbar, bridge, creamLollar P-90 Soapbar Overwound, Bridge, Cream 10-301-1213 9.1K Alnico 5CreamB 9.1K Alnico 5149
P90 Soapbar, Neck, BlackSeymour Duncan P90 Soapback Stack Black NECK STK-P1n 11302-13-bc 21.4K Alnico 5BlackN21.4K Alnico 5184.99
P90 Soapbar, Neck, CreamSeymour Duncan P90 Soapbar Stack Cream NECK STK-P1n 11302-13-crc 21.4K Alnico 5CreamN21.4K Alnico 5184.99
P90 Soapbar, SET, blackReilander P90 Grit Soapbar, black 7.5K Neck / 8.5K Alnico 5 Bridge Black, handcrafted in Canada Sku: RP90G-SBCS-B-SETBlackSET n+b7.4K N / 8.35K B Alnico 5199.99
P-Rails (HB/P90/SC) Bridge, BlackSeymour Duncan P-Rails (3-way HB/P90/SC) Humbucker size, Bridge, Black, 11303-02-B SHPR-1b, 13K ALNICO 5BlackB13K Alnico 5139
P-Rails (HB/P90/SC) Neck, BlackSeymour Duncan P-Rails (3-way HB/P90/SC) Humbucker size, Neck, Black, 11303-01-B SHPR-1n, 13K ALNICO 5BlackN13K Alnico 5139
Solderless Pickup Swapping SystemSeymour Duncan Liberator Solderless Pickup Swapping System 250K For Standard Single coils or HSS Setups, replaces 250K Volume Pot, LB1-250K 11807-01250KSTDn/a45
StingRayBartolini MusicMan 4 String Dual Coil pickup  MM4CBC, 9K each coilB199.99
Strat, BRIDGE, blackLollar Strat Blackface BRIDGE 10-202-BRIDGE , 6.8K Alnico 5blackB6.8K , Alnico 5140
Strat, BRIDGE, whiteLollar Strat Special S-Series Flat (not staggered) BRIDGE 10-201-BRIDGE 7.6KwhiteB7.6K, 140
Strat, Hot Rails, Neck, WhiteSeymour Duncan Hot Rails for Strat, Neck , White, SHR-1n-Wh 11205-01-w 16.6K CERAMICWhiteN16.6K Ceramic139.99
Strat, MIDDLE, blackLollar Strat Blackface MIDDLE 10-202-MIDDLE 6.5K Alnico 5blackM6.5K, Alnico 5140
Strat, MIDDLE, whiteLollar Strat Special S-Series Flat (not staggered) MIDDLE 10-201-MIDDLE 7.1KwhiteM7.1K140
Strat, NECK, blackLollar Strat Blackface NECK 10-202-NECK, Neck 6.4KAlnico 5blackN6.4K , 6.5K , 6.8K , Alnico 5140
Strat, neck, creamSeymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus for Strat Neck Cream STK-S4n 11203-12-cr 8.7K Alnico 5creamN8.7K Ceramic139.99
Strat, NECK, whiteLollar Strat Special S-Series Flat (not staggered) NECK 10-201-NECK 6.7KwhiteN6.7K140
Strat, Nk/Mdl/Brg, single coil, vint. whiteSeymour Duncan ASTH Antiquity Strat Texas hot n/m/b vintage low output ASTH 11024-02 Low DC Resistance ALNICO 2creamN or M or B6.3-7ish149.99
Strat, SET, blackLollar Strat Blackface SET neck/middle/bridge 10-202, Neck 6.4K, middle 6.5K, and bridge 6.8K , Alnico 5blackSet n+m+b6.4K , 6.5K , 6.8K , Alnico 5420
Strat, SET, whiteLollar Strat Special S-Series Flat (not staggered) SET neck/middle/bridge  10-201, Neck 6.7K, middle 7.1K, bridge 7.6KwhiteSet n+m+b6.7K, 7.1K, 7.6K, 420
Strat-size high output humbucker (Hot Rails), Neck, Double-coil, WhiteSeymour Duncan Hot Rails for Strat, Neck, White SHR-1n 11205-01-w 10.9 CERAMICwhiteN+B10.9k139.99
Strat-size Humbucker, bridge, blackSeymour Duncan Little '59 for Strat Blk SL59-1b 11205-22-B 11.7K CERAMICblackB11.7K Ceramic139.99
Strat-size Humbucker, Bridge, blackDiMarzio Tone Zone S Black DP189BK, 12.39K Ceramic OPEN PACKAGEBlackB12.39K Ceramic109.99
Strat-size Humbucker, bridge, whiteSeymour Duncan JB Jr. Strat Bridge SJBJ-1b 11205-16-P 15.2K CeramicwhiteB15.2K Ceramic139.99
Strat-size humbucker, Hot Rails, Bridge, WhiteSeymour Duncan Hot Rails for Strat, Bridge, White, SHR-1b 11205-02-w , 16.6K CERAMICwhiteB16.6K Ceramic139.99
Strat-size Humbucker, N / M / B, blackDiMarzio Fast Track 1 Black DP181BLK 5.78 K CeramicBlackN or M or B5.78 K Ceramic109.99
Strat-size Humbucker, Neck, White Seymour Duncan Strat Little 59 Neck White SL59 1N WH 11205-21-w 11.7K CERAMICwhiteN11.7K Ceramic139.99
Strat-size Jazz Humbucker (Cool Rails), Neck, Double-coil WhiteSeymour Duncan Cool Rails for Strat, Neck, White, SCR1N-WH 11205-06-w 9.8K CeramicwhiteN9.8k139.99
Tele, Bridge, black, single coilSeymour Duncan Hot for Tele STL-2 Hot Lead for Telecaster 11202-11 16.2K Alnico 5blackB16.2K Alnico 5109.99
Tele, Bridge, black, single coilLollar Tele Special Bridge Black 10-101-13-0 , 8.0K Alnico 5BlackB8K alnico 5149
Tele, bridge, single coil, blkBasone Tele Single Coil Pickup, Bridge, Black, 6.8K BASONE-TELE-BRIDGE-BLKblackB6.8K40
Tele, neck, nickel, single coilLollar Tele Special Neck, Nickel, 10-101-11-1, 6.3K Alnico 5nickelN6.3k alnico 5149
Tele, neck, single coil, ChromeBasone Kent Armstrong Tele Neck Pickup TCHF1 7.5K, Sku: BASONE-KENT-ARMSTR-TELE-NECK-CHRChromeN7.5K50
Tele-size Humbucker, bridge, Hot RailsSeymour Duncan Hot Rails Lead for Tele, Bridge, Black, STHR-1b 11205-03, 16K CERAMICblackB16K Ceramic149.99
Vintage Stack Tele SetSeymour Duncan Vintage Telecaster Set, Chrome neck / Black bridge 11208-09 18K Alnico 5Chr/BlkSET N+B18K Alnico 5244.99

Guitar Tuning Machine Heads in stock:

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ApplicationBrandSKU / DescriptionButtonConfigurationFinishLockingPrice
elec/acouGotoh SGL510Z-L5-L3+R3-CL5L3R3Chromeno104.99
ElectricGotoh SGS510Z-MG-LS5-L6-CLS5L6Chromeyes169
ElectricGotoh SGS510Z-S5-L6-CS5L6Chromeno104.99
elec/acouGotoh SG301-04-L3R3-B04L3R3Blackno75
elec/acouGotoh SG301-04-L3R3-CK04L3R3Cosmo Blackno75
elec/acouGotoh SG301-07-L3R3-CK07L3R3Cosmo Blackno75
elec/acouGotoh SG301-04-L3R3-C04L3R3Chromeno69
elec/acouGotoh SG301-01-L3R3-C01L3R3Chromeno69
elec/acouGotoh SG301-07-L3R3-C07L3R3Chromeno69
elec/acouGotoh SG301-07-L3R3-GD07L3R3Goldno89
elec/acouGotoh SG301-04-L3R3-GD04L3R3Goldno89
elec/acouGotoh SG381-01-L3R3-GD01L3R3Goldno80
ElectricGotoh SG381-07-L6-B07L6Blackno79
ElectricGotoh SG381-04-L6-B04L6Blackno79
ElectricGotohSG381-07-L6-CK07L6Cosmo Blackno75
elec/acouGotoh SG381-MG-07-L3R3-C07L3R3Chromeyes99
ElectricGotoh SG381-07-L6-C07L6Chromeno69
ElectricGotohSD91-STAG-05M-L6-N Staggered Posts05NL6Nickelno119
ElectricGotohSGS510Z-MG-S5-L6-CKS5L6Cosmo Blackyes189
elec/acouGotoh SGS510Z-MG-T-S5-L3R3-CS5L3R3Chromeyes179.99
elec/acouGotoh SD90-SL-L3R3-GDSLL3R3Goldno99.99
elec/acouGotoh SD90-MG-SL-L3R3-GDSLL3R3Goldyes99.99
elec/acouGotoh SD90-SL-L3R3-NSLL3R3Nickelno69
elec/acouGotoh SD91-SL-L3R3-NSLL3R3Nickelno65
ElectricGotoh SD91-MG-05M-L6-N05ML6Nickelyes99.99
ElectricGotoh SD91-05M-L6-N05ML6Nickelno69
elec/acouGotoh SEP700-06M-L3R3-C G-style wood screw positioning06ML3R3Chromeno109.99
elec/acouGotoh SEP700-05M-L3R3-NICKEL G-style wood screw positioning05mL3R3Nickelno109.99
elec/acouGotoh SE700-06M-L3R3-GD06ML3R3Goldno99.99
elec/acouGotoh SE700-06M-L3R3-C06ML3R3Chromeno94.99
elec/acouGotoh ST31-SB2-L3R3-CKSB2L3R3Cosmo Blackno169
elec/acouGotoh SGM-07-L3R3-C07L3R3Chromeno65
elec/acouGotoh SGM-MG-07-L3R3-C07L3R3Chromeyes85
elec/acouGraphtechPRN-2411-C0 Acoustic 3+3 Cont Chrome Contemporary styleL3R3Chromeno89.99
ElectricGraphtechPRN-2721-C0 Electric 6L Cont Mini ChromeContemporary MiniL6Chromeno139
elec/acouTonePros KlusonSM-10268-G TonePros Kluson 3+3 50s Back Tuners with White Knobs and Press-fit Bushings, GoldVint WhiteL3R3Goldno99.99
electricGrover136NNickel buttonsL3R3NICKEL RELICno69.99
electricGrover150N Imperial Tuners 3+3 CHromeChrome buttonsL3R3Chromeno139
elec/acouGroverV138NNickel buttonsL3R3NICKEL RELICno89.99
elec/acouGroverV133N Open PACKAGE (E and A are relic'd)Nickel buttonsL3R3Nickelno50
elec/acouGrover102CChrome buttonsl3r3Chromeno79.99
elec/acouGrover502CChrome buttonsL3R3Chromeyes110
elec/acouGrover102BCblack buttonsL3R3BLACKno95
Fender 70sSchallerSchaller Original F-Series 70s Nickel L6 Fender 70s splitted 10580120.15.60L6Nickelno95
AcousticGroverGrover Slimline V100 Vintage Acoustic Guitar Tuners / Machine Head Set, Nickel finish, in original packagingL3R3NICKELno300
Strat/TeleFenderAM STD. GUITAR TUNERS CHR 0990820100Chrome buttonsL6Chromeno80.99
Fender Squier Affinity StratBasone-brandedP-GTMH09 Original Fender/Squier Tuners SET L6 Affinity Strat, ChromeL6Chromeno45.99
elec/acouSolutionsA33GGold buttonsL3R3Goldno39.99
elec/acouPingP2641 Open Gear ChromeChrome buttonsL3R3Chromeno29.99
elec/acouPingP2658 STD blkblack buttonsL3R3Blackno44.99
acoustic steel stringPingP2631 3-per-plate open gear chromeChrome buttonsL3R3chromeno24.99
acoustic steel stringProfileJ61NI 3-per-plate open gear nickelNickel buttonsL3R3nickelno25.99
classicalGotoh 35G350 3-per-plate open gear nickelWhite buttonsL3R3nickelno45
classicalGotoh 35G420 3-per-plate open gear goldWhite buttonsL3R3gold, flash goldno55
classicalPingP2625 3-per-plate open gear goldWhite buttonsL3R3goldno55
classicalSolutionsSolutions-CGWhite buttonsL3R3goldno32.99
classicalSolutionsSolutions-CNWhite buttonsL3R3nickelno29.99
BASS 4-stringSolutionsSolutions-B22CChrome buttonsL2R2Chromeno42.99
BASS 4-stringSolutionsSolutions-B22CONickel buttonsL2R2Nickelno42.99
BASS 4-stringSolutionsSolutions-B4CChrome buttonsL4Chromeno42.99
BASS 4-stringGotoh GB1-L2R2-NNickel buttonsL2R2Nickelno72
BASS 4-stringGotoh GB1-L4-NNickel buttonsL4Nickelno72
BASS 4-stringGotoh GB1-R4-CKCosmo Black buttonsR4 (REVERSE L4)Cosmo Blackno109
BASS 4-stringGotoh GB707-L4-CChrome buttonsL4Chromeno79
BASS 4-stringGotoh GB707-L4-Bblack buttonsL4Blackno85
BASS 4-stringGotohGB707-L2R2-CChrome buttonsL2R2Chromeno85
BASS 4-stringGotohGB707-L2R2-Bblack buttonsL2R2BLACKno95
12-String AcouStaggKG679 12-string acou 6-per-plateNickel buttonsL6R6Nickelno44.99
12-String AcouProfileJ32NI 12-string acou 6-per-plateNickel buttonsL6R6Nickelno37.99
UkuleleStaggKU259 Ukulele tuners 1/4" diameter pegholes requiredWhite buttonsL2R2Nickelno22.99
UkulelePingP2698 Ukulele Tuners SetWhite buttonsL2R2Nickelno13.99
UkuleleSolutionsSolutions-UND open gearWhite buttonsL2R2Nickelno29.99
UkuleleSolutionsSolutions-UNWhite buttonsL2R2Nickelno15.99
UkuleleGotoh UKB-GGWhite buttonsL2R2Goldno35.99
UkuleleGotoh UKB-NWhite buttonsL2R2Nickelno28.99
BanjoBasone-brandedSM-5017 Banjo Tuners SETWhite buttonsL2R2+1Nickelno59
Banjo GroverGR116N Banjo 5th string SINGLE tunerVint White button1Nickelno19.99