My partner has been a lifelong musician and shops here often. The level of service and attention to detail from everyone at this shop has been far above and beyond anything we expected. High quality instruments for great prices, and employees who obviously know what they are talking about. I went in alone about 2 years ago to buy my boyfriend a birthday gift and I had no idea what to get. Chris helped me choose a beautiful little Merlin that turned out to be a beautiful and sentimental gift. I adore this shop and the family behind it. Good vibes, good stuff, good people = the best kind of community business.Google Review by Dande L.

Had excellent, friendly service. Didnt try to upsell.Google Review by Aly M.

Funky (young) mom and pop guitar business! They’re super nice, knowledgeable and affordable. They stayed open late to help my daughter out. And Chris crafts guitars and they’re beautiful. Highly recommend!Google Review by Debbie L.

Chris knows his stuff. Gave my guitar to him to get re-setup after getting a shoddy setup from Tom Lee and he did a bang up job. Super happy with how my guitar is now. I highly recommend him if you want your guitar setup or fixed.Google Review by Denil G.

Super nice staff and a wicked place to get repairs done. Cheaper and faster than Backline!Google Review by Ryan P

Chris and his colleague were really nice and helpful. It's well worth going to them and getting customer service you don't see from big stores.Google Review by Ryan P

Love this place, it's a great family run guitar shop. Chris fixed a Taylor guitar for me, did it for a reasonable price and was enthusiastic about the repair. I would highly recommend.Facebook Review by Chris W.

Chris is a really nice guy, a craftsman, and stands behind his work. Really interesting selection of gear in the shop too.Facebook Review by Jim E.

Took in a Gibson SG standard to get a larger cutaway and bevel in order to have more fret access. Unbelievable craftsmanship; paint, pick gaurd and design makes the modification barely perceptible... until you pick it up! It shreds now! Set up is great and locking tuners were installed also!Google Review by JBarns

The first time I went to Basone guitars was when I took my 1981 Ibanez Artist for a service, he won me over when I played my guitar after he had set up the action, intonation and a clean up.Since then I have taken several of my guitars to him He is very passionate towards his craft and music. Yes, you have to wait now to get your guitar serviced but it is worth it. Well, the reason for "the Wait" is obvious. He is amazing at what he does!!!Facebook Review by Andre S.

Basone does the best guitar sets up in town. I surveyed several musicians and everyone gave me the same answer - go to Basone. Three guitar set ups later I completely agree. Killer service, killer expertise, and I hope one day to buy one of their custom guitars.Google Review by John Cartwright

Took my Jazz bass here to get it routed for a battery box, Chris explained everything in great detail, gave me a quote on price and when it would be ready. The result was a high quality install that was exactly how much he quoted me and a day early that what we planned. Overall, great service and I would recommend Basone to anyone wanting repairs, custom work or looking to buy a guitar.Google Review by Adrian Fitzpatrick

Outstanding customer service and craftsmanship! I brought in my Les Paul to have it refinished, refretted, and refitted with new pickups and electronics. Chris did an excellent job and gave new life to my guitar - you can see and feel his passion in his work. He updated me frequently on the progress, and even gave me a discount for finishing a bit late. The turnaround time and fees are very good, and my guitar looks and feels fantastic! Thanks Chris, I will be a returning customer for future mods/maintenances.Google Review by Ronald Suh

What a great shop. While visiting BC I decided I wanted to find my next guitar here. Karma landed me at Basone Guitars where I picked up a one-of-a-kind acoustic. The owner even kept his shop open late to accommodate my travel plans. Can't recommend enough!!
Google Review by James S.

Thanks for recognizing the urgency of my amp repair and getting it done right away after understanding my needs! The cost was also less then the last shop that did the same repair. I will be a loyal client from this point forward. Recommending your services is an understatement..I will sing your praises!! You may be the little shop in town but you are giants in the biz!! Thanks a ton!!Facebook Review by Jamie C.

Basone is the place to go if you need your guitar cared for. Great honest and reliable service. As a guitarist I am so happy to have found my guitar Doctor at Basone. Thanks Chris for mentoring my son in making his first guitar.
Facebook Review by Gord K.

Just got my guitar repaired at Basone for the first time. They cleaned and re strung it without request, above and beyond service my headstock repair was seamless. Beyond stoked please don't waste your time anywhere else Basone are gods amongst mere mortals.
Facebook Review by Jordan V.

Excellent experience, where they tried to get me the best possible deal without compromise and worked around my time.
Google Review by Joshua P.

Friendly, knowledgeable, honest and reliable service. I needed an upgrade (or replacement) for my old acoustic guitar and some new equipment but I wasn't certain what I wanted. Chris did a great job at setting me up with what I needed. Every time I visit the shop, Chris makes me feel like a valued customer! I ordered a Seagull with built in Fishman pickup and a Roland AC33 acoustic amp. Delivery was fast and the price was really reasonable. Thank you new equipment sounds so good! I will be back again. I highly recommend this shop for good service and advice.
Google Review by Carolyn B.

I can't say enough about Chris at Basone Guitars. His service has been excellent every time I have visited his shop. He really knows what he is doing. He has earned my confidence to service any of my guitars.
Google Review by David C.

Great experience! I bought a guitar off of Craigslist after not playing for several years. It had a bent neck and I was worried that I had bought a lemon. Brought it into Chris and he set it up perfectly. Low action, straight neck and made it feel and sound awesome. Quick turn around time and good prices. Would highly recommend as he is a perfectionist and it is evident in his work.
Facebook Review by Scott S.

Thanks for restoring my vintage Ibanez SG , looks great and now plays great again, appreciate it, keep up the good work..
Facebook Review by Robert N.

Huge thanks to Chris for hooking me up with one of his custom guitars. Plays like a beauty. If you live in Vancouver check him out!
Facebook Review by Joseph Blood (Bend Sinister)

I took my Strat to Chris for a challenging mod - adding a 22nd fret onto a 21 fret maple neck/fretboard neck. Chris acknowledged he hasn't done anything like this before, but he accepted the challenge. We've discussed and settled on the approach before any work was done. A few weeks later I went to pick up the guitar, however there were a few details that to me required a bit more attention. I talked to Chris about my concerns - he kept his customer satisfaction guarantee promise, and gladly took it back without trying to negotiate his way out of it! That's the kind of custom service I like - listen to your customer! I'm a bit picky when it comes detail - part of it is that I usually work on my own guitars, but for this job I didn't have the time nor the tools which is why I took it to Chris.

A few weeks later I went and picked up my guitar - I was super happy leaving the shop with a big smile on my face. Chris did it right! It took him a little longer than I expected, however he kept me in the loop on the progress while I was waiting for it so that was cool. I guess the guy must have been busy during that time. I know he spent quiet a bit more time on my guitar than the original estimate, but it was new territory for him and took it as an opportunity to learn something new while keeping his client happy.

We talked about other kinds of work he does and the way he approaches various jobs - I liked what I saw and heard.

As with any custom job or mod, it's always important both sides are on the same page in terms of the approach - that's one very important step of the process that needs to happen - it sets the expectations and keep the surprises to a minimum. Thanks Chris, my Strat is rocking!
Yelp Review by Bogdan P.

I have taken two of my guitars in several times for work at Basone Guitars and Chris has  done an excellent job on them.
I found Chris to be extremely knowledgable and very reasonable to deal with. Turnaround time has been good.
Chris is an honest person and when I told him I would go ahead with a refret on a vintage Strat he suggested I waited as there was still a little left in the frets. Would recommend Chris to any guitar player.
Yelp Review by Greg T.

Brought my Tele in to get souped up with Reilander pickups and a Bigsby, plus a new pickguard. Chris did an amazing job. The guitar sounds amazing and looks great too. Can't wait to do some recording with it this summer.
Facebook Review by John L.

Basone Guitars for me was a new and welcome experience. No high pressure sales, just an artist run store who truly knows his craft. Thank you Chris for my first guitar in years. I'll definitely be back for service questions and when I'm ready to graduate to one of your gorgeous hand built electric guitars. Cheers.
Yelp Review by Robert E.

Great service and products. Had a custom bass built here, and it is awesome.
Google Review by Greg V.

Bought a guitar off a coworker for a great price, but with some considerable body damage. After a trip to Basone it has disappeared entirely. Phenomenal work from a great guy.
Yelp Review from Jack A.

Just picked up my Kramer Ferrington which was in for a new paintjob. I am so happy with it. It looks awesome and the customer service was fantastic. A big thanks to everyone at my new favorite guitar store and I'm looking forward to signing up for your repair workshop. Cheers.
Google Review from Derek D.

Just got my Warwick Thumb 5 back from Chris, he lowered and massaged it a bit, strapped on some DR Black Beauties and I could not be happier. I will be bringing the rest of the stable in. Way to go Chris!
Facebook Review from Ricky S.

Very friendly and professional service. Chris was helpful in explaining the process and answering a few concerns I had. I brought my nylon string in to lower the action, get new strings, and repair a small bump/crack on the bottom side of the body. I now have the guitar back and can say I'm extremely happy I brought it in. It's much easier to play with the lowered action without any noticeable difference in tone. I'm also very satisfied with the repair. I plan on going back in the future.
Google Review by Daniel J.