One-on-One Workshops at Basone Guitar Shop

We are currently booking one-on-one Guitar Maintenance Workshops for 2022 fall and winter season. 

Workshops will take place in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Email us at basoneguitars@gmail.com or call/text 604-677-0311 to schedule your spot! Weekdays and weekends available.

Guitar Setup and Maintenance Classes at Basone in Vancouver Canada

All our Guitar Set-up & Maintenance Workshop went great! All participants were really happy with how their guitars turned out, and had an awesome time fixing and learning more about their instrument. Trying to do it yourself at home or looking at stuff online will never be this fun. Definitely worth it!

Are you getting fret buzz? Is your guitar going in and out of tune?

If you have a guitar that doesn't sound right, and you're dying to open it up and fix it yourself, this workshop is for you.

Bring your electric or acoustic guitar or bass to this hands-on clinic and learn to work on your instrument on your own work bench, equipped with all the tools needed to do the job - under the guidance and supervision of Basone's luthier Chris Bas, who has 15+ years of guitar building and repairing experience.

At Basone's guitar setup workshop, some of the topics we will cover are:
- guitar diagnose (assessment)
- intonation
- adjusting the truss rod
- guitar radius
- action
- pick-up height & pole alignment
- electronics cleanup
- fingerboard care
- sticker & goo removal/polish
- nut & saddle check

This hands-on class is part of a series of workshops that will cover, in addition to Setups, topics such as nut & saddle shaping, fretdressing, electronics wiring, and more.

To guarantee your registration, you must pay in store or by phone.