About us

We are Basone, a guitar company specializing in high quality handmade electrics & stringed instrument repair.

Luthier Chris Bas

Luthier Chris Bas

Basone was estabilished in 2004 in Gastown, though luthier Chris Bas has been working in the guitar manufacturing business since the mid nineties.

Chris provides many services to improve your guitar - such as setups, fret dress, crack repair, refinishings, you name it! We build instruments from scratch, so we know them from the inside out.

We only use quality handpicked woods on our custom guitars, such as figured Big Leaf Maple, Honduran Mahogany and Brazilian Rosewood. Every individual electric's neck width, scale, and radius is done pertaining to each model, offering options that you can not buy off the shelf. Design, function, balance, and tonal flavor come together in these amazing instruments. Just take a look at our Custom Instruments.

The combination of high-end tonewoods, electronics and hardware make the guitars of the Basone family feel, sound, and look second to none.

Basone also offers Guitar Maintenance Workshops, and services for the Movie Industry, such as prop guitars for stunts and guitar replicas.

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